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Changes at The Goblin Tinker

I’ve begun to make some changes to a few of my original listed Items. I’m preparing to retool for new products And I am improving products with this change.

In order to meaningfully sunset a few items I will be offering some lots for sale in the near term on these items because I don’t plan on offering them in the future. I don’t quite know the exact composition of these lots, but I’ll be spending some cycles on putting them together and making them available Likely on this shop! or on eBay.

A number of my original molds are at the end of their library life 15 yrs or older and I’ve decided that I will not be replacing them. Instead of spending effort to recreate them, I will be creating a new set of products that replace them, and make them better!

I am doing some market research on it and will then be deciding when to make and then release them.


The Goblin Tinker

We Tinker! You Play!

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