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Big Prototype Reveal

Ok my fellow gremlins... This is a big moment for The Goblin Tinker. A moment I’ve been waiting for 3 long weeks to get to. I have been building a prototype house, so i can learn how I want this to look and how best to actually make it. I’ll be honest... I’m always honest.... goblins are ‘naturally’ honest. ...but this... THIS has taken some TIME. But I think you’ll agree with me that its been worth it.

First..... some details. I’ve spent 3 weeks planing this layout. Walls, Doors, Windows, Flooring, Roof... I even remade the Roof because i wasn't happy with it. the painting process gave me a clear signal that the window treatments should also be changed as well. I changed it to a Window Sill to cover the stone... and two shutters one on each side of the window. So expect that to be different than the prototype as well.

I had planned to make the roof wood, and then changed to Slate. I also made the roof too big the first time around. So, fixed that. The Tinker still wins.

You will notice that I also painted the doors two different colors because i was trying to see which one I liked, and i think i’ve settled on the darker color to match the rest of the house trim... but I’m open to comments. I could easily paint this a different color trim.

The walls are painted a blue slate that ive mentioned before and the roof is a gray Slate. The floor is a chocolate brown with a drybrush to bring out the detail. The rest of the trim is also done in this yummy chocolate brown. I included a bunch of accessories in the shop as well, cause well...*deadpan* its a shop.

Now that all this work is done and I’m decided, I’ve started making the masters to pour molds and actually MAKE it! Its all very exciting making new things! Expect to see news on ‘that’ progress soon. *grumble*

So without any *grumbling* here are the pictures!!

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