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Ask us what we are Tinkering with today!

The Goblin Tinkerer is TINKERING!

It has long been a passion of ours to tinker with terrain and to make custom made terrain for ourselves and now for YOU! Waaagh!

da’Boss has spent a lot of time reflecting and discerning... (YES! A goblin can reflect... withhold your judgement) and has decided to create a page on for Commisions. A place for you to share your ideas, dreams, wants and insane notions about what YOU want to see on your table to to impress YOUR players.

And I mean that *grumble* sincerely. With all the time you invest in making your campaign unique, fun and engaging, you deserve a resource to help you bring it all to life on the table top.

And thats why da’boss tinkers.


We Tinker! You Play!

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