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Are you International?

Da’Boss has noticed that a LOT of traffic comes to this site thats truly international. Lots of mysterious men of international repute. Ill repute? Like da’Boss? *bah* Gold knows no providence, why should we!?

So If YOU are visiting this site from a country outside the quarantined confines of the USA LET The Goblin Tinker know! Comment on this post and subscribe to The Goblin Tinker for ALL the news about what I’m tinkering on!

da’Boss wants to know what YOU like or what you just HAVE to have!

And da’Boss would love to have an excuse to sort out international shipping.... *grumble* for shipping... You knew that was coming.

But the Goblin Lackeys have sorted out how to put boxes in boxes so their creations come WELL shipped.

So subscribe today! It’s at the bottom of the home page!

And tell da’Boss... what you want to see next!

Here is a pic of some bits da’Boss is learning how to paint! Ideas are welcome!! But the blue ones are yummy.

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