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An Old Tinker: The Other Banners

I feel like I’m on a roll here. Da’Boss has enjoyed reviewing this old tinker in one of his last posts that it would feel remise to Tell you about these other banners but not actually post more about them. And since I disparaged these poor things.... by just calling them ‘OK’ Is really just not fair.

Now, how did I decide to do these specifically is an interesting journey. I was thinking about what made sense together across a fantasy genre, and somehow kept returning to the ‘5th Element‘ And the stones of Earth, Fire, Water and Air. I liked the idea, but I wanted something cooler as an image than wavy lines.

Then of course, there is ’The Avatar: the last airbender’ and they use of course a similar paradigm.... so I went online to find some Simple icon Type images of Air, Water, Earth and Fire, that would be ‘easy’ to print out, paste and then paint over.

I made masters out of them, poured a mold, i also included a large and small banner that were blank, then painted the casts, and called it done.

So, its obvious which one is my favorite, and the relief came out very well For a good drybrush on them so the relief stands out. But a couple of the others are stand outs as well. The paint jobs on them likely just need better execution.

The hardest to paint and the one that I should prolly redo is the Air. It was the hardest to do the master for. But the Earth I think is my favorite of the small banners. I only did two large banners of Fire, just to see if I liked the large banner more than the small one. I’m still undecided on that count.

So here they are!!!

Which ones do You Like?

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