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About The Goblin Tinker’s Workshop

So here you are... Reading the blog of the goblin tinker because you saw a picture that caught your attention, or a post with something indecipherable but it still caught your attention, or ‘god save us‘ even an ad. OMG!

Whelp, this is what I want you to know about what you saw. da’boss can make everything made to order.

I am a licensed purveyor of Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture. I make virtually everything with the art from Bruce Hirst and THEN I make it reprooducible. I make a master and then if I like it, I make a mold out of it so I can make things quickly. Cause Maglubiyet, the god of goblins, knows that goblins do things... quick. Er well they hate to do things slowly.... is probably closer to the truth. and perhaps with a few mistakes along the way, but I digress.

The point of this rambling is that everything I blog about is reproducible in a few short minutes..... or hours depending on quantity and then its ready to paint After it dries. Then I can ship it to you over hill and dale. *toothy grin*

Take for example this fieldstone ruined building I recently completed. Its castable in less than 30 min. So if you WANT one. Don't wait for me to paint one. Ask for it. I can paint them, but then how will you get your tinker fix, Eh?

Don‘t get me wrong, if you want to give me more of your silver, I WILL paint it. *grin* I LIKE shiny things.

This brings me to what I want to emphasize. The Goblin Tinker’s workshop is run on the cheap. Those staid and plodding dwarven “kind”, *shiver* they do things a bit overboard. They like their gold. And yes, gold is good, but not everyone has gold. These are trying times, eh? Medieval like. No one has gold, and if they do, they’re hoarding it. *grumble*

So, da’Boss just wants your silver, not your gold. You keep that. But just LOOK at what your shiny silver can buy in The Goblin Tinker’s humble storefront.

So in conclusion; The Goblin Tinker can make anything you see on its blog in a jiffy. Everything is reproducible...ON purpose, from the massive towers and two story buildings right down to the dungeons themselves, and we provide them unpainted on the cheap, or painted for a smidge more of your hard earned shiny silver. Just ask for what you want.

We respect your labor, and that is why we labor! da’Boss

We Tinker! You Play!

Oi! I almost forgot!!! Here’s a pic of me silver!!

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