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A Wizards Tower?

So... da’Boss has his Goblin Lackeys scurrying around the workshop cleaning up his mess from the last prototype, and furiously making new ones for his notorious.... ah... er.... patrons...but they have started to move. Which is equally exciting and Horrifying.

What this means.... is The Goblin Tinker has enough GOLD to buy more of this... sillycone stuff... it has magical properties so I’ve been told but it has such a silly name.

Which MEANS da’Boss can make another prototype! Prototype: something like a new goblin lackey, but made out of... other things. And not like a lackey at all. Chew on that a little. Da’Boss does....

So what’s the next thing look like? Well, da’Boss wanted to make it a tower.... so he’ll be reusing some of the tower parts, and making a small basement and a first floor and a second floor and a.... this is his favorite part.... a.... c o n i c a l.... roof. da’Boss can‘t say it, so he spells it out. Its a gift and all the lackeys marvel at his brilliance. Its all very sketchy, but it may be a thing. I dunno ~10” seems pretty tall, and its debatable if fieldstone is the right facade for it... what da’Boss does want though is to go from a square base to a round tower. And this presents some challenges... Like how to do the partial roof... that the tower sits on. So. Challenges.

Lets see how it goes!!!

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