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A New Prototype Wall: Design Comments are welcome

So. As you may know I’ve been stoking the creative fires ….aaaand…. I wanted to share a new prototype of an idea a contributor had.

They mentioned in one of my recent FB posts that they wanted to have a wall in a house that was removable so they could use the inside of the house as a diorama. *shucks that’s very flattering*

Well. I privately thought that was a genius

idea, but I hadn’t thought about ‘how’ to do it in anything but a future project, and certainly not for a house.

Well. Since I was in the midst of making prototypes for a new building, I stumbled into a really plausible method. With the practical materials experience of one of my smart university bound lackey’s assistance, that’s a goblin lackey. I ended up brainstorming 3-4 different mechanics and ended up adopting one of them!!

You can see the two wall sections below.

The side with the double window has a slot on the right, and the other wall’s end ‘is’ the slot that fits inside.

Pics are of the inside and outside.

Lmk how you like the ‘style’ of it, before I pour a mold for it. :) I’m working on designing a square roof for this house now. So there’s still time. *grin*


The Goblin Tinker

We Tinker! You Play!

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