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A New da’Cottage!

Since the last couple Cottages have sold since they were last placed on eBay.... I have scurried to paint a NEW Cottage! And boy does it look Niiice! but if you insist.... you be the judge. Just do it on a full stomach. Eh?

This Cottage comes fully painted, with a gluttonous amount of accessories...and felt on the bottom. I still need spray it with a satin finish but I just couldn’t resist taking pictures. *sigh*

I have ALSO started selling unpainted and unassembled cottages on eBay. My seller handle is thegoblintinker of course! I felt it was important to start to offer kits a while ago but only this year have I started to post sales of unpainted items. the price point is half or less than half of the painted pieces, which is probably generous. *shrug* you tell me.

All I know is I like making these things and I need you all to buy them so I can feed my silicone habit and make more pieces like da’Cottage! I have plans within plans and they must see the light of day!!!!! Lets take over the world together! Ok. That was unbalanced and random.

Just Play! da’Boss

The Goblin Tinker

We Tinker! You Play!

PS.... oh i forgot the gallery!!! Here it IS!

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