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A new Cobblestone 8x8” piece

Whelp! I re-did my prototype 8x8”, it’s actually 20cm x 20cm, cobblestone slab as a 1/2” deep slab. I am MUCH happier with it.

I did the initial mold months ago, played on it and realized it was just too thin. It really needed the 1/2” depth for it to be durable during play. Repositioning the thin one revealed it’s weakness. This is why The Goblin Tinker play-tests AND makes prototypes. *grin* or *grumble*?

Speaking of playtesting…. Perhaps I’ll have to playtest my next project for our Halloween session. Yes. We are doing a halloween session and I need to come up with a…plan. Hmm. Perhaps this is just the opportunity I need. *shrug*

I digress…. Yet Again.

Nevertheless, this cobblestone piece will open up some new projects that I’ve had in store for you… and for me. This whole Idea of having a city scape to play on with taverns, shops, and city things…. opens a really wide breadth of things for me to create and bring to the table top. I already have one mold done…. But there are a LOT of things I want to dig my heels in on and complete. It is exciting.

So this huge slab, which incidentally is my larges tile. At just under 8” wide each side, lets you span 12-16 tiles easily for an appropriately large city scape. The opportunities are endless for alley’s, buildings, dark corners, and the typical ilk you find in them.

I can’t wait.

I’ll be offering this 8x8 cobblestone slab at somewhere in the range of 15$ unpainted and 20$ painted a piece.

Here is an unpainted pic.

And with Mini’s for scale. It will make it really easy to layout several tiles and make a city center.


We Tinker! You Play!

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