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A New Building! The Rubble House

This has been a quick project that I recently poured and painted. These pieces will be for sale on eBay and here in my shop both painted and unpainted.

This house is a stone rubble house with large windows on one side of the house, 3 diagonally placed windows on once house front and several smaller windows placed on the back face. each door is centered on this house instead of offset like my original cottage.

The rubble stone look lends itself toward making this house as a stand alone piece in the countryside or can be placed in a city with its more ornate windows. I made a brick chimney, but the stone rubble chimney will also blend nicely with this house’s features. The chimney can be mixed and matched as they are both about the same size.

This house is painted a dark brown base on the wood and stone face with a dab of color on stones around the house. A tan, and lightee cream tan and dry brushed with a light pumpkin orange to bring out the detail of the stone face and wood grains. I has every intention of drybrushing a lighter white over the stone but fell in love with the dark hue that I quickly chsnged my mind.

The doors are painted similarly to the wood grain but have a touch of brushed nickle for their hardware. Its a very subdued look for these doors but any traditional black base and silver drybrush on the hardware will make the door pop if so desired.

The roof is a brown base with dabs of lighter colors of brown around various shingles and a cream drybrush.

The brick Chimney is primarily a dark gray and light gray drybrush but with some darker red bricks scattered throughout. I was playing with the ascetic.

The roof is removable and will reveal a wood grain floor and a fieldstone fireplace with a large wood slab as its mantel.

Here is the gallery! Miniature and table are shown for scale. da’Boss

The Goblin Tinker

We Tinker! You Play!

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