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A Commission

This is exciting! I am currently embroiled with a project that I have been commissioned with. I was contacted on my website and sent over an estimate and then started the work!

The ask was for a new set of Dungeon Pieces that captured my imagination with its simplicity AND its elegant versatility. BUT it required me to make 3 new molds. On top of that I would have to create a slew of new masters to make the molds!

The list of pieces in this ‘set’:

Four 4x4 tiles of cracked floor

Nine 2x2 tiles of cracked floor

4 Fieldstone Walls 3”x1/2”

4 Fieldstone Walls 2”x1/2”

6 Fieldstone Walls 1”x1/2”

One Fieldstone Wall 4”x1/2”

(The walls are all 1 1/2” tall.)

Thats it. A 28 piece set That I can cast multiple times. In this case 10x each, for a total of 280 pieces.

So I have recently poured the molds and I’ve started casting these pieces. And what I’m excited about is just how I can use this to make more dynamic dungeons for the table top! I promise I’ll show you a sample of what it looks like soon.

So stay tuned for news on how this unfolds.


We Tinker! You Play!

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