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Wizards Tower KIT!

Wizards Tower KIT!


This SKU is for the Wizards Tower Kit! 


This KIT comes unpainted and unassembled. There are probably close to +50 pieces. I'll count them just now... *wink* no seriously.. I will. 


This is a complex building with many facets that you will find challenging and yet enjoyable to complete. I do recommend you prepare for a challenge. It's 3 stories tall, and comes with 5 removable pieces once it's completely assembled. 


For the short term this piece is being made available without Instructions, BUT I will provide assistance via my WIX app through chat or email at I am happy to help. I highly recommend joining the wix app for this assistance. 


I will also be writing a guide to assembling this ASAP, of course. That is as soon as possible, of course.


Any questions may be directed to



We Tinker! You Play!

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