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Wizards Tower

Wizards Tower


This Wizards Tower comes hand painted, with slight variations.  




- assembled, the tower stands ~12 Inches!

- is 6 pieces, not including Accessories That include:

  • stairs

  • basement

  • first floor

  • roof section

  • 3” circular tower

  • the Conical Roof!

  • 14 Accessories.

- the first floor has a trap door hidden beneath the stairs That is the only way into the ‘cellar.‘

- the cellar is outfitted with two arrow slits and an alcove in the wall, to hang/chain whatever your nefarious dungeon master desires.

- the stairs also move... to provide a possible’ secret’ exit route from the basement.*ssshhh* Hhhmmm, I shouldn't have made that public.

- the cellar, first floor, stairs and 3“ tower sections have felt on their bottoms to make them more pleasurable to take apart and move around. - it HAS a conical roof, thats just awesome. - oh, its completely painted and sealed. The roofs and accessories with a satin finish; the door and the other pieces with a flat finish. So you can hardly tell. In fact you can‘t tell unless you painted them yourself and notice the slightly deeper shade It turns the paint. - the paint is a dark gray Base on the walls Peppered with green and 2 shades of brown on various stones around the wall sections And drybrushed with a light gray. - the roofs are a dark brown base, peppered with shingles a darker brown, with an india ink wash Over the top and then drybrushed with medium brown to bring out more detail in the relief of the roof.


The Accessories:

A removable front door

A large bush

A small Bush

a square crate

A rectangular crate

Two sacks

A colored crystal ball - Pick a color. 

a colored ‘cushioned‘ chair  - Pick a color.

a book - lets just call it a spell book

a chest

Three coin piles; copper, silver and gold. (Aztec gold If you must know)

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