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Room & Passage Set

Room & Passage Set

SKU: R&P01

The Room & Passage set is the Flagship set for The Goblin Tinker! Each of the pieces included are individually cast and painted with great care! I hope you enjoy playing on it!!!! WAAAGH! Includes:


- ONE 4 way passage Intersection

- TWO T-Intersection Passages

- FOUR Corner Passages

- TWO - 2x2 Small Passages

- ONE - 2x6 Long Passage - The dworfs don't include this piece in their set. 

- EIGHT 2x2 Room Corners

- Seven 2x2 Room Walls

- TEN 2x2 Floor Tiles

- THREE 2x2 Doors


Plz compare with the competitors Room & Passage set! We include MORE and we sell it for less and its all made in the USA!

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