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115 pc Painted Cavern Set

115 pc Painted Cavern Set


This Set is PAINTED Made to Order. It will Ship 2 weeks after purchase.


115 piece 380 square inch playable cavern set. It is cast in Hydrostone.

This set comes with 380 square inches of cavern floor tiles. 4 6x6 tiles, 8 4x4 tiles, 18 2x2 tiles, 2 4x4 raised tiles, and 10 2x2 raised tiles. It comes with 6 2 inch cavern walls, two 2 inch corner walls and 3 1 inch wall pieces. It also comes with a 3 inch rock arch and door, two 3” rock walls, 3 2” rock walls, 4 2” rock corner walls and 4 columns and 9 broken column pieces and 2 Doors . (They fit together on the columns of the rock walls)

And it comes with 5 castle Pieces, 3 3” walls and one 2” wall, 2 doors, and two smaller wood doors. (There are plenty of doors.) The castle pieces also come with 8 ruined fieldstone columns. These fieldstone pieces are what make this offering different from the Cavern Set I also sell. They are unique to this listing.

It also comes with a full set of steps and accessories! Five cavern steps. One rose cavern raised dais, one flat oval raised floor piece, one small step, 4 piles of bags, one solo bag, 2 stone monoliths. 2 wooden doors, 3 barrels, 2 square crates, one rectangular crate, one chest. (This is my favorite chest) 2 skulk piles, one small skull, and one tiny skull, 3 stalagmite placables and one slightly larger stalagmite placable, two bags of coins or food, and 4 coin piles, and 3 crystal pieces; one large two smaller. It is painted in a Brown base, with tan, pumpkin, brown-red with a light tan dry-brush and black wash. The water is colored blue or green. The cavern pieces are painted with a green highlight as well.

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