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da'Cottage Kit

da'Cottage Kit


da'Cottage is available as a Kit!!! 


I'm really excited about making this available as a Kit! 

So far it's my favorite piece, and it's a VERY detailed model. 


This piece comes with all the pieces to assemble da'cottage. It does not include any accessories, as shown in the pic of the painted model. It is da'Cottage. It will come with shelves, doors, a chimney, fireplace, and walls and a roof. *grin*  Accessories are available in da'shoppe, however. 


At this point in time it comes without instructions, but I will make myself available on my WIX app to guide you through any questions you may have about how to assemble it. It has chat as well as a forum and I can be emailed as well. Help me help you make the kit!! 


I will be drafting instructions ASAP however, and they will be provided as soon as possible. Gee, that wasn't redundant, was it? 


However da'cottage is only redundant if you buy two. I did. *wink* 


This KIT is made to order. It takes a day to cast, a day to dry and a day to pack and ship. Please expect it to ship in a week or less. It just depends how busy I am in da'shoppe or if I'm traveling, which I used to do a lot of.. but well not so much anymore. *sigh* 


So, Please make this little goblin happy and try out a KIT today!!! 



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