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City Walls (PAINTED)

City Walls (PAINTED)

This Item is made to order. Please allow 5-10 days to mold and paint. :) thanks!

City walls is a small set of city walls. This set includes 10 Towers of various height, a full set of 15 wall sections made from fieldstone, and 4 large 8x8 cobblestone tiles. Two doors are also included for the city gates. This set is designed to be modular. The Towers and walls are movable in the configuration you want for your city walls. Included:

4 8x8” Cobblestone Tiles

15 walls: 1 4”, 4 3”, 4 2”, 6 1”

2 doors.

10 Towers of various heights.


*Additional walls, towers and cobblestone may be purchased just email for an estimate, or just double your order! This set covers 256 sq inches of table space

    $165.00 Regular Price
    $145.00Sale Price
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