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The 3" Round Tower with Conical Roof KIT!

The 3" Round Tower with Conical Roof KIT!


This is my first Kit! I'm excited about it. 


What you get are all the pieces to make a 3" Round tower with a Conical Roof! 

I'm selling it for less than the painted towers I've posted on ebay before, or here. I really want this to do well. And I hope YOU enjoy putting it together and painting it how you like! 


This Kit comes with ALL the pieces needed to make the tower. 

It comes with instructions too. Though it's a rather large document. I spent a lot of time making this with steps to put it together and I hope you find it's a good guide. You can also always join the WIX app to ask questions which I can answer as well for additional help. I'm happy to help. 


This KIT is made to order. 

It will be shipped in a week or less depending on if I'm traveling or not. Well. That kinda means I'll be in the shop for a while longer, eh? *ahem* I digress. It usually takes a day to cast, a day to dry and then pack and ship. 


The cost does not include shipping. All pieces fit comfortably in a medium flat rate box, via the USPS. approx 15$


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