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da'Cottage (PAINTED) w Acccessories

da'Cottage (PAINTED) w Acccessories

The cottage is one of my best sellers on eBay. but you CAN buy one here instead!! *grin*


This Listing is for a White cottage, with a slate roof, stone rubble floor, & Red Chimney! The windows are a BLUE! This was my first time doing a window color, and it looks great.

It is fully painted and comes with a felt bottom. The felt is a very nice touch for surfaces that scrape easily. *Table tops rejoice*

The roof is satin sealed. The walls are a white gloss, the accessories are also sealed with a clear satin. The wood and chimney are a flat paint. There are 29 small accessories. All painted. See the main pic!

So far it's my one of my favorite pieces, and it's a VERY detailed model. It looks fantastic painted and will be a great addition to any housing you currently play with. It’s prolly the hardest to paint. *shrug*

It comes with shelves, doors, a chimney, fireplace, and walls and a roof. *grin*


This listing is NOT Made to order. This is for this cottage pictured. If you like it, and its out of stock, ask me to make another! Miniatures are NOT for sale and just for scale. I hoard the mini’s. *deadpan*


The cottage will come shipped USPS in a large box, and double boxed, the house separate from the roof. Hence the large box. Shipping will vary based on your location but will range between 30-50$


So, Please make this little goblin happy and buy your cottage today!!!



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  • In Stock

    This item is IN Stock. Aka It is already made. You don’t need to select the roof or floor style. Just buy it.

    If this is out then yes, I’ll need to make another Made to Order! *grin* but that won’t take long. Just ask me!

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