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Today’s Tinker: A miniature experiment

I wanted to take a moment to posit a divergent post from my normal terrain. This has to do with a Mini I bought to have for play in a tavern. Every tavern needs a buxom redhead... RIGHT? Right.

But I don’t paint a lot of miniatures. Its not my strongest skill, but paint it and share it I will.

So this is the point of my post is that da’Boss is growing his skills and this miniature while I am NOT happy with it. YET. It needs a lot of touch up work still.... So in order to become a better painter of small things I am in search of better technique and tools. Miniatures are full of detail. And whereas painting terrain can be forgiving of small mistakes or even go unnoticed altogether, miniatures like the one here are NOT forgiving of mistakes in the minutia. my nod to those miniature painters who have paid for their skill in toil and experience. You inspire me.

So the active search for becoming better skilled continues and I hope it rewards me with better all around product.

Thank you for visiting my blog; The Goblin Tinker!


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