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The Magic of Un-Wisdom

Deep in the Dark ethereal madness of the Weave, the Goblin Tinker has summoned up his courage to craft his largest project to date.

Is this Wise?

da’Boss deliberated and ultimately decided that his small greedy heart Unrepentantly WANTS it. This is the magic of un-Wisdom. You *know* the truth if it.

Its just like that character in your last campaign where you knew you shouldn’t tell that Dragon *exactly* what you thought but you DID it anyways, and how did THAT turn out? Hmm. Forget I asked. But Don’t despair, just try an obscene amount of flattery next time. THAT would be wise. So here is the enigma.... the Weave doesn‘t bend for flattery. The Weave is... intransigent. The Weave doesn‘t want and nor does the Weave listen. You are the weave. You are not the Weave. Only a few will ever touch the Weave. The Weave Is The enigma.

So da’Boss has embraced Un-Wisdom And is ignoring the Weave and defying nothing by selfishly doing just as he pleases. You might say he is ‘touched’ by the Weave. *wink*

So let the scheme scheme and the craft craft. Onto greater heights this Tinker aspires!

Now onto the Large 8” Tower!

Picture courtesy of Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture


We Tinker! You Play!

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Just a brief update on some progress for this tower: Da’Boss has created a stairway for the first level on top of a fieldstone floor on the first level. The second level will have a wooden floor, which is planned out, but needs to be glued, and reproduced for the 3rd level.... *grin* what the debate is now, is how to align the stairs from the second level to the third. This may take some spectacular planning. The complexity of the walls and the necessity of making sure they are all aligned is going to make it imperative that this project requires a prototype and recasting of the pieces to insure a very tight fit once its all cast together. There…

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