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The invitation....

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Hi there. I'm da' boss.

I am the tinkerer.

I invite you to see what I've tinkered with and let me know what you like! I'm always looking for ways to improve the toys I've made for myself over the last 10+ years and for what other gamers really want to play on.

I've played D&D, and Warhammer and found my love of making terrain for those games while playing them, because I loved having an immersive setting to play out the role. I'd like to think I've done a good job. I hope you think so too!

So since I've launched this site, and placed my passion for gaming on the line, literally, I look forward to having a conversation about what it is gamers want to play on, what you want to see, and then... tinker! Game on!

We Tinker! You Play!

Waaagh on!

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