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Is Terrain a Miniature?!

Ok, It’s time to have this discussion. Forgive me if its vain. *grumble*

It’s been 9 months since I’ve set out to show the craftiness of my tinkering with building terrain using primarily the Hirst Arts line of building blocks. Its been successful in that the goals of this last year have been met and now it’s time to plan for the next 12 months of success.

Toward that end I’ve begun to wonder if it’s important to the greater DnD user community if the pictures of the terrain I post needs to have unique Miniatures posted that are hand painted and more dramatic than the plethora of old plastic DnD miniatures I have from the old dnd skirmish game.

I LIKE a lot of the minis I have and I’ve spent years playing with and collecting them. I even have a complete set of the First Harbingers set. Thats actually a very proud accomplishment, by the way. *wink* It was also how I introduced my kids to play DnD too for what its worth!!! But has the terrain aspect of this website outgrown the actual use of these minis?

You’ll have to tell me! I am on the fence.

i DID go out and buy a mini to represent my avatar, The Goblin Tinker, and paint it Though!!! I may even seal him once I’m happy with his final look. I reserve the right to doctor his paint job Until then. His purpose is to include him within pictures for scale and because I’m vain *gasp* and need a physical Avatar for the website.

The other piece to this is semantics. I recently had a conversation about what to call what I do for marketing purposes and it was pointed out to me that this new generation of DnD players call both terrain and the minis: miniatures. I want to know if you agree.

is Terrain a Miniature?!

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Ah! Thank you! Thank You very much. I look forward to hearing more. It’s interesting to me because there IS a change going on with the influx of a new generation of players and THEY bring change, so I felt the need to ask the question.... Perhaps we can learn from it.


Stephen Gros
Stephen Gros
Jan 21, 2021

I like to see a variety of miniatures with pictured terrain so you can really get an idea of scale. I may not know how big your custom Heroforge goblin is for size comparison, but I definitely know how big a Reaper Knight is. Also, great paint job, by the way! He looks awesome! As for your other question, I think of Terrain and Miniatures as two distinct but related things. Also, I feel like most people in the hobby do as well. I know when I back a Kickstarter they often separate the minis from the terrain. It's mostly just players who are not crafters or collectors that conflate the two. Which is fine, but I think they're a minority.

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